We are very excited to announce the newest addition to Torva, the Torva Run Club. We are kicking things off with the Launch Camp, starting March 25th!  

This will be a comprehensive 8-week program to improve your running mechanics, eliminate pain, improve endurance and make you faster! In short, Run Better!

Torva Run Club (TRC) will meet Wednesday evenings under the watchful eye of our endurance expert, Coach Jenn. Then the club members will have “homework” runs they can do at home or meet up with fellow runners!

Those in the Launch Camp will receive weekly tips to help further improve running along with access to the TRC Members Facebook group where we will share running advice, race information, and more!

Runners will also get the new TRC T-Shirt to wear with pride as you set that new PR!

Is Torva Run Club For You?

Torva Run Club can be a stand-alone program or an addition to your current fitness regimen whether that’s endurance, CrossFit, or something else entirely.

If you happen to also be in CrossFit Torva classes, the two programs will work together, utilizing the benefits of developing large muscle groups to effectively crush distance goals. (And the program lines up perfectly with this year’s Memorial Day Murph workout! PR Time!) 

Cardiovascular health is at the center of a strong athlete. TRC is yet another layer of cardio training to keep the athlete fit and agile.

No matter what your level of fitness TRC is for EVERYONE! All-Inclusive! 

What You Get

Torva Run Club Members will receive:

  • 8 Weeks of Run Programming 
  • 8 In-Person Classes 
  • Individualized Attention 
  • Experienced Endurance Coach
  • Access to the TRC Members Group 
  • Weekly Running Tips
  • TRC T-Shirt
  • And Most Importantly: Run Better!

The program is $79 a month and spots will be limited! Sign-up is live!