Online personal training

Torva offers online personal coaching so you can get the guidance from where you'd like. This form of coaching is open to all, not just existing members. What are your waiting for? Begin online personal training by booking an online intro.

Book an Online Intro


We start by getting to know who you are and understand what your goals are. We will never give you a workout with movements outside of your abilities. We'll take care of you, and we'll push you to be healthier, stronger, sexier, or whatever it is you might be after.

Workout whenever it fits your busy schedule

Get an Experienced and Certified Coach Dedicated to Your Success

Get one-on-one accountability check-ins via video chat

Our coaches will get to know you and provide you with expectations with the intentions of helping you achieve your goals.

Don't worry, we won't let you weasel your way out of hard work.

New Workouts Each Week so you Never Get Bored

We know the feeling of, "Oh, this again?" is the worst, and we avoid it at all costs. Aside from benchmark workouts, you won't be seeing the same workout more than once.

Personalized Movements depending on your space and Equipment 


The option to add Nutrition Plan & Accountability for maximum results