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Non-Members Pricing
  • 1 Scan - $55
  • 2 Scans - $95
  • 4 Scans - $165
Members Pricing
  • 1 Scan - $40
  • 2 Scans - $70
  • 4 Scans - $120

Too much time is spent guessing at our body's needs. Put an end to guessing and get results you can trust so you can reach your health and fitness goals with precision and actionable objectives.
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InBody Composition Analysis

What it’s About

Okay, so the InBody machine gives me analytics and information about what's going on inside my body, but I want to know more.

The InBody only takes 15 seconds for a full body test and without any discomfort, you'll have a full analysis on fat mass, muscle mass, and water mass. All your data is stored securely and is linked to you, so we can chart progress over time.

After your analysis, you'll sit with a coach who will:
  • Provide an overview of the printed analysis (which you get to keep!) and answer any questions
  • Will ask questions to begin seting any goals you have.
  • If there is are previous analyses, will track progress over time
  • If a part of any nutrition programs, will inform ongoing nutrition counseling.

Learn about body composition from InBody!