You Can Still Have Goals

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We’ve never been through this before. If you describe it out loud, it almost sounds like something from a distant past or future. A virus that spreads across the globe and everyone’s lives change overnight. You’ve still got goals.

Maybe you are working from home. You may not even be working at all. Perhaps you’re having to now play teacher to your kids or feel disconnected from your community. Your life has changed.

It’s ok.

It’s ok to feel that things aren’t ok. To wish things would go back to normal. Maybe you like working from home and that’s ok too.

This is a fitness company and I am a coach. So I’m going to go one step further and tell you that you have permission. Permission to not be in the absolute best shape. You have permission to enjoy a cocktail with your friends on video chat. You have permission to go on a walk or bike ride instead of your burpee workout.

That doesn’t mean give up.

You’ve got goals and you still can (and should) pursue them. Not being your absolute fittest doesn’t mean that you’re not fit enough to stay healthy. Having some laughs with friends online is what you need right now. Walking is good for you (just don’t skip every burpee workout)!

Work towards your goals. The path may just look a little different right now. You have permission to be great in your own way!


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