Best Home Exercises

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To follow up on our “Best Home Equipment” guide from last week, here’s our list of best home exercises. Practicing social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t continue to pursue your health and fitness goals. The “how-to” might just look a little different.

Before getting to the list, it is important to point out that while these are great movements, variety is still important. Our coaches are still mixing up movements in workouts as possible based on the space and equipment of each client.


The burpee is the best bodyweight movement period. It incorporates muscle from your arms down to your calves and it surprisingly good at attacking your core. It also jumps your heart rate up almost immediately so you get the fat-burning benefits of anaerobic training. 

How To Use It

Burpees can be added in with other movements (pulling movements are a great compliment) to create a circuit or done on their own in big sets. The 100 burpee workout is a great challenge!

Spice It Up

If you’re using a dumbbell or bands in your workout, try doing a burpee into lateral jump over the object.  

Air Squat

Not only is this movement great for leg strength, hip power, and adding some intensity to workouts, mastering the air squat can open up a variety of movements for your coach to use. 

How To Use It

Air squats are most effective when done in high volume and with intensity so keep the reps and speed up!  

Spice It Up

Once you’ve got the mechanics down, add weight with a dumbbell or load a backpack with books. Note how the load shifts your balance and keep your chest up!


Pulling is one of the biggest challenges to at-home workouts. Without pull-ups bars (which if you have one, use it!), barbells, or machines, back exercises may be forgotten. Rows are a great way to balance out pushing from push-ups, burpees, and pressing.  

How To Use It

Take care to get in a good position for these. Think tight stomach and flat back. If you don’t have any weights, load a backpack or bag to row it. 

Spice It Up

There are countless variations for rows. You can do single-arm rows, use bands to mimic pull-ups, or slow it down for some tempo work.


This classic exercise is enjoying its’ time in the spotlight for home exercises. Legs and glutes are the focal point but when added with other movements you can get an intense workout!  

How To Use It

Lunges are great when paired with other movements like upper body exercises like push-ups and monostructural exercises like running or jump rope.

Spice It Up

There are more variations of lunges than perhaps any other movements on this list. These include reverse lunges (stepping back), weighted lunges, and walking lunges!

Other Favorites

Honorable mentions to sit-ups, push-ups, running, jump rope, and cleans. Because we focus so much on variety at Torva, this list could go on and on!

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