Home Workout Equipment Guide

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Home Workout Equipment

If you’re looking for a home workout equipment guide, you’ve come to the right place! While gyms are closed down, we are now all working out in our living rooms, garages, and patios.  

At Torva, we are providing our clients with Online Personal Coaching, individualized based on their abilities and equipment. There are a few pieces of equipment that we recommend for a great home workout experience. 

Here’s the Home Workout Equipment Guide:


Adding weight to your workouts will give you the best results whether your goal is weight loss, lean muscle gain, or performance. You can press, pull, squat, lunge, carry, and even swing your dumbbell. If you have access to a pair or multiple weights, you can get even more variety but one dumbbell will work

What To Get:

If you can only get one, pick a weight you can strict press at least a few times. Usually, you can find the best deals from fitness outlet stores but they may be closed in your area. Search online or even local selling platforms as long as you can practice safe social distancing. 

Jump Rope

This one is especially important if you limited on running or biking options. It’s also a much cheaper option than a rower or an air bike. Throwing jump rope into a workout gets your heart rate up while adding strength to your legs and hips.   

What To Get:

There are all types of jump ropes based on preference. Rx Smart Gear allows you to select your level of skill and height and will ship to you!

Resistance Band

Band have almost unlimited uses for fitness. Bands are great for mobility and stretching which is even more important if you are less active during shelter in place. Bands are also a great strength tool that allows you to train every muscle group at a variety of different angles!  

What To Get:

Amazon or any online fitness store will have resistance bands. If you’re only getting one, grab a smaller (thinner) band to give you more usage options.

Other Options

Other options include kettlebells, a home-pull up bar, or a good home workout mat. Specific goals may require additional equipment so it’s a good idea to chat with a coach about what will work best for you! 

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