Torva QuaranTEAM Championships

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We are excited to announce the first (and hopefully last) Torva QuaranTEAM Championships!

In partnership with the CrossFit Games, we are joining CrossFit gyms around the world to bring community right into your homes! Each week, for three weeks, you’ll get a workout for all levels that can be completed with minimal or no equipment.

Of course, we are putting our Torva spin on things and creating an “in-house” team competition. There will be points for participation, fun challenges, and more!

What You Need To Do

Torva QuaranTEAM Championships

Register Here

That’s it!

The competition is free. You can donate to your gym but this is completely optional. The point of the Torva QuaranTEAM Championships (#TQC) is to bring the community together and have some fun!

Torva QuaranTEAM Championships

Every Torva member will put on a QuaranTEAM. We will release how to earn points each week and keep score for all teams.

This is NOT a “who’s fittest” competition. It’s all about who wants to win more!

The first workout is released THIS FRIDAY so sign up today!

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