Learn and Play New Sports

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Play New Sports

“Regularly learn and play new sports”. That’s the last five words of the well known “100 Words” on fitness from CrossFit Founder Greg Glassman but it’s often overlooked. When’s the last time you played a sport or even learned a new one?

Going about finding a new sport to play can be tricky, but first, why is it important to learn and play new sports?

Next Level Fitness

Sports can be a fantastic way to increase your fitness. While it shouldn’t be your only workout, it can be a great booster to your current program. 

Soccer will increase your conditioning, basketball can lead to better agility, and even archery will lead to a strong core. Each sport you play will lead you closer all-around fitness. 

Get out of the gym! 

You read that right. The idea of a CrossFit isn’t to get good at CrossFit. It’s to become the healthy, happy, and fit! Sports allow you to showcase what you have worked towards in the gym.

You might even surprise yourself when you give it a try. I’ve heard “I wish I would have had CrossFit when I played in high school” over and over again. Well, now you do!

Challenge Yourself

Beyond the physical challenge the sport may present, part of playing sports is getting out of your comfort zone. You may be comfortable with your workout program but don’t forget the mantra of CrossFit; “Routine is the enemy!” 

Putting yourself out there to learn a new sport will be tough at first but can be extremely rewarding in the end. Team sports are especially rewarding as you bond with teammates and make new friends!

How To Find Sports 

There are all kinds of leagues and clubs you can find. If you are here in Dallas, check out the Lonestar Sports Sports and Social Club. They have a variety of social leagues to join. Better yet, if you’re at Torva, ask around in the gym. You’ll have a team together in no time!

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