Boost Testosterone Naturally

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boost testosterone

You know it’s important. From heart health and lean muscle mass to mood and sex drive, a healthy testosterone level can have enormous benefits. And ladies, before you click off, it’s important for you too! So how can you naturally boost testosterone?

First of all, yes there are supplements out there. There are the illegal kinds that are not only against the law but can have some very serious side effects. There are also over the counter testosterone supplements that can be effective but much less so that most natural efforts.

If you want to naturally boost testosterone, here are the proven ways to do so:


Poor sleep can cause a significant drop in testosterone almost immediately. One week of insufficient sleep is enough to make a sizeable difference in the hormone’s levels. 

Sleep is a key factor for testosterone. Most adults need 7-9 hours of sleep. If you’re not getting at least that much, try to work towards making it a priority. 


There’s no need for a special diet to naturally boost testosterone. In fact, what works best is a balanced diet of protein, carbs, and fats. A rollercoaster of inconsistent dieting and overeating throws off your hormones as your body tries to adjust. 

Certain supplements and vitamins may be able to help as well. Vitamin D is a great way to support the hormone’s level and can be obtained via sunlight or by eating quality fish which also contains DHEA, another testosterone booster. Magnesium and zinc can help fight off deficiencies in the hormone and are both found in leafy greens.


Active adults have notably higher levels of testosterone. However, the type of training does matter when it comes to which is best. Lifting weights that require large muscle groups and high effort such as back squats and deadlifts can give you the biggest boost while endurance athletes may see a drop in testosterone


Stress is a testosterone killer! It produces a hormone called cortisol which can dampen your testosterone. Take time for activities that help you reduce stress such as meditation, reading, and journaling. 

Before you head to the doctor or turn to some supplements with big claims, try these few tips first. You may find they have a big effect on your health. 

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