How To Start CrossFit

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How To Start CrossFit

With the New Year around the corner, you may be considering CrossFit as an option to help with your 2020 goals. Whether it’s to lose weight, get stronger, or gain energy, CrossFit can be a great way to do so. Here’s how to start CrossFit.

Research Your Local Gyms

Chances are there’s more than one option in your area. I’ve written a guide (you can read that here) on how to find the right one for you. Visit more than one, look at their social media, and read reviews. They aren’t all the same. Take your time and find the right home for you.

Set Up A Meeting

You should book a time to meet with a coach before ever working out. At Torva we call this a “No-Sweat” Intro. It’s a 15-minute chat to discuss your history, goals, and take an InBody composition scan. All of this information is used to make your fitness prescription.

Start With A Beginner Course

Whether you’re starting in good shape or haven’t worked out in years, starting your CrossFit journey with a course designed for beginners (we call ours On-Ramp to CrossFit) is a very good idea. A wide variety of movements are used in CrossFit from gymnastics to Olympic weightlifting so making sure you are comfortable with them is important. Plus the gained confidence and experience will only boost your progress in group class.

If you do these three steps of how to start CrossFit, you’ll be immersed in an awesome community and getting results before you know it!

P.s. If you’d more information or would like to book a “No-Sweat” Intro with us, you can click HERE.

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