How To Bring Up Fitness To Family and Friends

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Bring up fitness to family and friends

‘Tis the season for giving but giving health and fitness advice to family and friends is one of the hardest things to do. You can come off as rude and inconsiderate just as easily as you could come off helpful and caring.

Maybe you have a cousin who’s become unhealthy or a coworker who has not been taking care of themself. If you care about them, do you bring up health and fitness? If so, what’s the best way to do it?

Start with a bright spot.

Likely, if you’ve noticed it, they have too. Find something they’ve done to help their situation. It could be they’ve started walking their dog more or began ordering salad at lunch. If you see a bright spot, comment on it. It’s a great way to get the conversation rolling and encourage them at the same time.

Invite them instead of telling them.

Asking them to come along on your journey is much better than sending them out on their own. You can invite them to go on a hike or ask them to do a nutrition challenge with you for accountability (I know a really good one for 2020). Together is always better.

Don’t give up.

Helping your family or friend will take patience. They may bail on that hike or not show to the consultation at the gym. That’s ok. Be kind but be persistent. It will show them you care.

P.s. Note that I did not say bring them to a workout. This is too much of a gamble. If they have a bad workout, they may never return. They should meet with a coach in a low-stress environment first. At Torva, you can come along with your friend to a “No Sweat” Intro.

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