The Holiday Fitness Trap

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Holiday Fitness

When you’ve been doing something long enough, you notice the trends. Over the years that I’ve been coaching people in fitness and nutrition, one of the most obvious trends is the holiday fitness trap.

The holidays can be a hectic time. There may be travel plans, office parties, kids to schedule around, gifts to buy, and food to prepare. With all of this going on the trap is set and, if you’re not careful, you might fall for it.

The holiday fitness trap happens like this. Maybe you have to miss a workout or two this week, but that’s ok because you are spending time with family and friends. When there is a time you can get a workout in you think “I’ll get back into it next week”. Next week becomes the next.

That becomes “I’ll just start at the beginning of next year”. You’ve fallen for the trap. At best you’ll be weeks behind in your progress. At worst you’ll fall off the wagon completely.

You don’t have to fall for the trap! And the key to avoiding it is ? mindset.

Take a step back and look around. I would say most people struggle with one or more of these “excuses” during the holidays. While there’s always one or two, I don’t see a big majority of our clients who just quit. Why? They have a strong mindset. It’s almost stubborn, in a good way!

If you have to miss a workout put the next one in your phone’s calendar. If you have to travel make plans to drop-in at another gym or do a couple of travel workouts.

A few missed days isn’t the end of the world. A few weeks and you’re regressing. Be stubborn! Avoid the trap!

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