The Gym Rules: A Guide To Etiquette

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One of the challenging things about walking into a new place is knowing the expectations. There always seems to be unwritten laws that you may not know. At Torva, we want you to feel comfortable so here are the gym rules.

Be On Time

You’re finishing a project at work. There’s a traffic accident. Life happens. Just try not to let it become a habit. The warm-ups are important to keep you healthy. If you are running a little late, show up! We want you here!

Gym Rules , Support classmates

Support Your Classmates

“When it rains, we all get wet”. People come to CrossFit to get fit, they stay for the community. Friendly competition pushes us to be better but remember, we’re all Torva family!

Check Your Ego

No one cares how fast you did the workout or how much you lifted. We cheer loudest for the person who worked the hardest, especially if they finish last. CrossFit is hard and everyone is working on their own goals. Don’t let your ego get in the way of yours.

Let Coaches Coach

We are officially listed as a Coaching Facility. People come to Torva to get high-end coaching from experienced trainers. Allow yourself to take instruction so you can improve. Also, allow the coaches to instruct others so they can improve too!

Respect The Facility

To a lot of members, this is their second home (and we LOVE that!). So treat the gym and the equipment as you would things in your own home. Don’t drop empty bars or dumbbells. Clean up after yourself. Take pride in Torva.

Don’t Risk It

Whether it’s trying a weight you’re unsure about, a movement you’ve never tried, or an injury you’re not sure is healed; don’t risk it. Listen to and communicate with your coaches. We love it when you push yourself but we always follow MCI. Mechanics > Consistency > Intensity.

Our gym rules are for the community! Show up, have fun, work hard, fist bump your classmates, and remember, Torva is everyone’s gym!

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