Are All CrossFit Gyms The Same?

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Over the last decade the CrossFit movement has skyrocketed in popularity and the number of affiliates reflects that. With around 15,000 worldwide, chances are that you have more than one in your area. Having several choices, you might wonder, “Are all CrossFit gyms the same?”

are all crossfit gyms the same, crossfit map.
CrossFit Gyms Worldwide, October 2019

CrossFit uses the affiliate model as opposed to a franchise. Owners (like myself) are able to run their gym with a large amount of freedom. Of course, they must be insured, have certified coaches, and follow other rules to protect their clients.

That being said, CrossFits are not all same.

In fact, some vary quite a bit from others. Unlike franchises, owners can create the exact gym they want to have. From large to small and from old school to extravagant, you can find just about all types of CrossFit gyms.

This is a good thing.

All of the variety means that most people can find exactly what they want. Some want a competitive atmosphere with top athletes to push themselves while others want a relaxed environment with clean bathrooms.

Maybe you want people in your age group or a place that has air conditioning. Chances are, there’s one near you.


When started Torva, we had a simple mission in mind. Create a place where everyone feels comfortable pursuing their goals.

We are serious about getting our clients results but don’t take ourselves too seriously on the workout floor. We want this to be the best hour of your day.

Want to come in to see if this is the right gym for you? Click below for a free intro!

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