It All Adds Up

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Did you walk your dog today?  Do some yard work?  Walk around the market?

Often times too much focus to placed on the small window of the day that a workout did or didn?t happen.  

Of course, working out IS important.   This is where you boost your metabolism, improve your cardiovascular system, build lean muscle, and improve your range of motion.  

Just don?t forget add up (or see where you could add) activity that you perform everyday.  Living an active lifestyle doesn?t mean you are hanging off a mountain or cycling across Texas everyday.  It means that most days you are moving your body doing everyday things.  

Take note of what you do.  There are great activity trackers out there from tracking steps to tracking changes in heart rate to determine daily strain.  

I use a Whoop strap to track my own stats.  Some of my highest strain come from lengthy, non-workout activities that are low intensity such as coaching or home projects. 

If you don?t feel like you?re getting much daily activity, try to find places in your calendar that you can add them!? Remember, everything adds up so no matter how small it is, it is movement! ?

Coach J.J.

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