What’s The Hardest Part About Getting Fit?

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You?ve decided to get your health in order and get fit. It’s going to be hard work.  However, if you stick with it, the reward will be the best thing you?ve every done.

Hardest part of getting fit, a graph

The journey to get there won?t be a straight line on a graph headed upward.  There?s going to be setbacks, unexpected obstacles, and challenges that make you want to give up.

So what?s the hardest part about getting fit?


If you show enough patience, coupled with discipline and a positive mindset, each one of those downswings on your path to fitness will be followed by gaining ground towards your goal.?

You?ve simply got to plat the long game and that?s tough to do.  In the world of same-day Amazon deliveries it?s easy to get used to quick results.  However, when it comes to health and fitness, there?s no such thing as a magic pill or a silver bullet.  

The people that I see who have the best success stories aren?t the ones who workout 12 hours a week or go on some crazy fad diet.  They are the simply the one?s who don?t give up.  

They may take two steps forward and one step back but they just keep moving and when they get there, they?ve built a sustainable routine and are set up for lifelong health. 

The lesson is to refuse to quit.  It?s a simple but not easy lesson that will get you results!

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