?Get A Six Pack? Myth Buster

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?How fast can I get a six pack?? It?s a common question. Outlined abs have been made a mark of achievement in fitness.  However, there are some myths that may get in the way of your shredded goals.

Core Exercises?

Myth Busted. If you?re putting your time and energy into doing sit-ups and planks everyday, you may be misguided in your efforts.  These are great accessory exercises and having a strong core is great to keep you injury free.  

Get a six pack doing sit-ups

However, they aren?t doing much to help you get a six pack.? They exercises don?t burn many calories and just because you do a movement that makes your abs burn doesn?t mean that?s where the fat will get burned from. Targeting fat burn is very hard to do and is an inexact science. ?

What To Do:

Try putting time into high-intensity training with full-body movements like burpees and wall ball shots.? You want to rev up your metabolism and build lean muscle so you can boost your fat burning capabilities.


Myth Confirmed.  ?Abs are made in the kitchen? has a lot of truth to it.  As mentioned above, having abs peek through is more about a lower body fat percentage than it is about having big ab muscles.  Spoiler alert, everyone has abdominal muscles or you wouldn?t be very functional as a human!  

What To Do:

No need to jump on some fad diet that your friend posted about on social media.? Eat lean meats, veggies, fruits, nuts, and seeds.? Make sure your carbs come with fiber and keep sugar intake low.? If you?re really serious about it, find a Registered Dietician.

Abs = Health

Myth Busted.  Genetics, Genetics, Genetics. Some people tend to carry more body fat than others.   Everyone?s body is different and in no case does having abs showing mean they are healthy.  Some people starve themselves down just to get an outline on their stomach but do serious damage to their bodies while others may have totally healthy body fat and remain strong, fit, and on the path to life long health. 

What To Do:

Set attainable goals that include how you look, how you feel, and your health.? There?s nothing wrong with wanting to be more confident in your body but don?t obsess on your midline.?

Not sure about what goals to set or what a healthy body fat is for you?? Get a free InBody Scan and meeting with a coach here.?

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