Can I do CrossFit if I’m Overweight?

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Maybe you?re taken a peek at the craze of CrossFit before but are unsure if you can do it because you?ve got some weight to lose. ?Maybe you’ve wondered “Can I do CrossFit if I’m overweight?”.

A quick search of the internet shows CrossFit gyms filled with toned and lean bodies.? If you get passed that, you see images of these six-packs doing acrobatics on the gymnastic rings and putting 1000 pounds over head on a barbell. ?

“There?s no way I can do this”.

Well actually, YOU CAN!

This isn?t a good representation of a normal CrossFit gym.  In fact, the number one reason people start CrossFit at Torva is because they want to lose body fat.  

Girl on Bike, Can I do CrossFit If I'm Overweight?

CrossFit is the best weight loss program in the world!

Your current fitness level as nothing to do with ?can I do CrossFit?? because everyone can.  Each workout is scaled to the ability of client by an experienced coach.  

Can?t do a pull-up? Use a resistance band. That doesn’t work for you right now? Do a body row. Not there yet?? Pull yourself up from seated to a box.? It?s not WHERE you start, it?s IF you start.?

We start with a 15-minute chat called a ?No-Sweat? Intro before you even hit the gym floor.? This allows us to learn more about you and your goals. ? Then we help you pick the program that will lead to your success story.

Learn more about ?No-Sweat? Intro?s?here

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