2019 CrossFit Games

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2019 CrossFit Games

What is the CrossFit Games?

While we use CrossFit to get more fit, live happier, and look better, it is also a worldwide sport! 

You’ll recognize?a lot of movements as those we use at Torva each week but you’ll also see these athletes tested?in new ways all designed to find out who the Fittest on Earth is!

When is it?

The Games will take place from Thursday to Sunday. ?We don’t know the exact schedule yet as the events are all still secret (the athletes don’t know yet either!).?

How to Watch

This year’s broadcast will be Open Sourced meaning we’ll get lots of options! You can visit the?Games Site,?The Rogue Broadcast, or the?Morning Chalk Up?to check it out!

Other Notes

  • Check out the Teens and Masters divisions! They are awesome
  • Also check out the Teams division. ?They get some cool events!
  • Use the Facebook group and coaches to ask us questions! ?We love this stuff!


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