How Nutrition Helps Recovery from a Workout

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In my first post of the series, I discussed the importance of recovery.  If you missed it, you can read it here. 

A few of the really important factors in recovery are sleep, nutrition, training, and self-care.  In this post, we will tackle nutrition.  You can see the sleep topic covered here. 

We all know that food is a very important part of being healthy, but this series is about recovering from workouts and daily life.  

If sleep is the time that your body recovers, nutrition is the fuel that makes it happen. ?Under-eating can absolutely undermine everything you’re trying to accomplish is the gym!

This is where protein shines!?

Protein helps to repair and rebuild your cells after a workout.  This is called muscle protein synthesis (MPS).  Studies show that MPS is more successful when protein is consumed within an hour of finishing training.  Eating fats before or after a workout can slow MPS. 

Depending on the type of workout, carbohydrates are also important.  While doing something as glycogen depleting as CrossFit, those stores need to be refilled before the next session. Failure to do so can leave you feeling sluggish in your next intense workout. 

The last key factor for nutrition in regards to recovery is hydration.  Dehydration can severely impair recovery efforts.  Our bodies do a really good job of telling us when we need more water but sometimes we are distracted by daily life and don?t pay attention.  Keeping a large water bottle with you throughout the day will make it easier to stay hydrated! 

So the real question is ?How much should I eat to ensure I?m recovering??

The answer: It depends.  

There are numerous factors such as age, gender, body composition, activities levels, and goals that all play in to the answer.  That?s why we rely on our two Registered Dietitians at Torva Nutrition for the exact amounts. 

Eat and Sleep! Recovery sounds pretty nice so far! In the next post, we?ll discuss trainings role in recovery.?

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