Are You Recovering From Life?

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The basics of getting healthier and more fit have long been known. Eat well and exercise. However, there?s a third factor that gets left out.? Recovery.?

Recovery is absolutely as important as nutrition and working out.  In fact, it can almost negate both of those if left unchecked. 

Imagine not changing the oil in your car, taking it our on the freeway, and driving it a red-line speeds for days without ever pulling over and stopping.  That?s what happens to your body without recovery. 

So what is recovery?

Simply put, it?s how your body recovers from not only your workouts, but from daily life.  This includes mental stress just as much as it does your muscles.  

It’s also not just a concern for “serious athletes”.  The strain from jobs, family, and other activities can be difficult to recover from too!

Measuring recovery is tricky and used to be reserved for just ?how do I feel? unless you had access to a lab. If your performance has stalled, eagerness to workout is low, and fatigue is high, then your recovery may not be up to par. 

Technology has since jumped into the recovery game.  Over the past few months I?ve be trialling a Whoop strap, a wearable device that takes 100 measurements of 5 metrics every second.  It has really shown me both how important recovery is and how fickle it can be!

There are many factors that go in to recovery so I?m going to give each of the really important factors it?s own post!?

These are sleep, nutrition, training, and self-care.?

In the meantime, start to take notice of your recovery.  Do you wake up rested?  Do you have motivation to workout?  How do you feel after a rest day? 

If you have a daily planner or journal, start to note it. If you have a Whoop strap, you already know the answer. 

Look for the follow-up posts soon!

Coach J.J.?