Why I Opened a Gym

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Why I opened a gym.

Before owning a gym I was a Firefighter/Paramedic.  My job was to help people and I loved it.  I took every certification and class I could.  

This was also the time I found CrossFit.  I was always seeking out ways to better train for my job and after the first workout, I knew I had found it.  However, there were no CrossFit gym or coaches anywhere in the area.  

Eventually I talked my Chief in to letting me go take my own CrossFit Level 1 Seminar so I could come back and share the knowledge.  I did just that.  After a while of a few fellow firefighters training with me, the police started to poke their head in with interest.  Soon everyone form code enforcement to city accounting was taking my class. And I knew I had found something. 

Not only had I found a way to train for a physically demanding job, I had also found a way people of all different ages, backgrounds, and goals could workout together and actually enjoy doing it.  

Then the more I learned about what CrossFit gyms were doing across the world (there were only a couple thousand at that time compared the 15 thousand now), I found something else this program had the power to do.  Keep people out of my ambulance.

While 911 TV shows love to show first responders running into burning buildings or saving people from rolled over cars, much of my calls were with people who?s situation was preventable.  From type II diabetes to heart failure, I spent a lot my time in the back of an ambulance with people that I could now help never even reach that stage and CrossFit was the way to do it.

So in 2012 I left the Fire Department after convincing my now fianc? Danielle that we could actually pull this off.  Though we really had no idea what we were doing, we did know we had a way to change lives and possibly even save them. 

That?s really the basis of CrossFit Torva.? Bringing people together to become healthier, happier people.

Coach J.J.

Coach J.J.

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