The Solution to the Resolution: Part 3

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The season of resolution is almost here.  Millions will use the coming of the New Year to set goals and try to make positive change in their lives.  

So why do so many fail? ?

If you missed Part 1, you can find it?HERE?or Part 2 HERE

The final reason is accountability.

You can set a SMART goal.  You can measure it properly.  And you can still fail.  

What many lack is accountability.  Is there someone or a group that not only knows about your resolution but is vested in you succeeding?  This could be family, friends, or a mentor. 

This is different than motivation or discipline.  As one of my favorite writers and speakers Jocko Willink says, ?The only real motivation is self-motivation?.  If you can?t motivate yourself to do it, the motivation of others will fade eventually.   

Discipline is also on you.  You?ve got to be the one who gets out of bed.  You?ve got to be the one follows through with the plans you made.

However, accountability is different.  Who do you have to tell when you?ve fallen behind on your resolution? Who is going to celebrate the bright spots along the way?  

In Torva?s nutrition program, we specifically have a membership called ?Accountability? in which the client is assigned a coach with check-in?s, measurements, and plan tweaks to ensure success. 

Don’t be afraid to seek help and use the resources available to you.  Those who are truly vested in your success will happily help keep you accountable. 

You?re now ready for 2019!  

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Coach J.J.

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