The Solution to the Resolution: Part 2

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The season of resolution is almost here.  Millions will use the coming of the New Year to set goals and try to make positive change in their lives.  

So why do so many fail?  

There are several reasons.? Today we focus on measurement.?

(If you missed Part 1, read it HERE)

This may seem odd at first.  Many people will set a goal such a ?I want to lose 20lb?.  That seems easy enough to measure.  Well, it?s not.  

At Torva we use an InBody test to determine body composition.? Often when people begin to workout they lose body fat but they also gain lean muscle mass which can offset the weight. ?

So if the goal is to lose body fat and tone muscle,  the scale is a poor measurement.  Only a test like the InBody can truly tell you what?s happening in your body. 

That?s just one example.  So how do you know if your goal is being properly measured? 

Find someone who?s an expert at what you want to accomplish. They will have the answer.

A coach can tell you how to measure if you?re getting faster at running.  A business mentor can tell you which numbers are the best metrics to track a professional goal. 

The important take away is that for a resolution to work, you?ve first got to set a SMART goal and you have to measure it. Correctly.?

Coach J.J.?

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