The Solution to the Resolution: Part 1

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The season of resolution is almost here.  Millions will use the coming of the New Year to set goals and try to make positive change in their lives.  

So why do so many fail?  

There are several reasons.  We start off this series with goal-setting.

Well isn?t a New Year resolution a goal itself? Yes.  But a poor one. 

At Torva, for both fitness and nutrition, we use the SMART system.  Goals should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. 

Often times goals are too broad.  ?I want to get in better shape? is not even close.  It needs to be as specific as possible.  The more detailed it is, the better you can plan for it. 

As for measurable, this one get?s its own email (stayed tuned!)

Attainable is a hard one to decide by yourself.  This is generally when a coach or a mentor is there to determine if the goal is challenging but doable.  Setting a goal to difficult can kill your motivation while too low will not get you were you want to be. 

In regards to a New Years resolution, this goal should also be relevant to your long-term goals as well.  Does this goal line-up with where you want to be in 5 or 10 years? 

And finally, it needs to be timely.  When will this goal be achieved? Is that enough time to accomplish it? (This should coincide with the attainable part). 

Using this system alone can seem like a hassle.  That?s why we offer goal-setting meeting to all Torva members and our nutrition clients meet frequently with their coach. 

So now?s the action part.?Think about your goals in 2019 and use the SMART technique to really define them!

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