Health vs Wealth

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There?s nothing wrong with building financial wealth. At all. It?s a way to secure yourself and your family. 

However, you have to weigh the method in which you build that wealth against what you give up in return.  

The standard you get a job, you buy a car, you pick up overtime, you buy a house, you work more often, you start a family, you get promoted to a busier job, and so on has a flaw.  With all that time given to your work, the one thing likely to slip is your own health.  

It?s very easy to fall into the trap of ?I?ll be better about it once I can get to a better place? financially or at work.  I?ve done it myself.  The problem is that can be a never ending loop.  

You can worse case scenario is that you work for 40+ years, grinding away, only to retire and instead of spending your days relaxing or doing what you want, you spend them in poor health.    

It takes time to build you up body to be able to fight off disease, become injury resistant, and better prepared to handle emergencies.  And remember, this isn?t just for you but those who may rely on you such as family. 

And this isn?t just for when you?re in your retirement years, because (not to be dark) nothing is guaranteed.  You?ve got to enjoy life now and one of the key factors to that is being healthy. 

How much time have you spent on your health and fitness this week?  

Treat yourself.  And enjoy the benefits for the rest of your life.

Coach J.J.

Coach J.J.

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