How To Handle a Misstep on the Road to Your Goals.

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It?s easy to get down on yourself, especially when it come to your health and fitness.

Maybe you skipped a workout just because you didn?t feel like going.? Perhaps you made some bad food choices over the weekend. ?

It happens, but how you react to it is important.?

If you stumble, don?t make it worse by reacting negatively.? If you keep telling yourself ?I can?t do this? or ?I?m never going to reach my goals?, eventually you?ll be right.

This type of negative self talk is toxic.? It is more likely to keep you off track and doesn?t lead to improvement.?

You can?t just let it go either.? If you allow these hiccups to happen and don?t address them, it?s very easy for more and more of them to creep in each time.?

?It?s ok, it?s just one workout? becomes ?Next week is better? and then ?I?ll start fresh next month.?? Eventually it will just be the norm.

Instead, use the misstep as tool.?

Start by admitting that wasn?t a choice that is in line with your goals.? Figure out what would have been a better decision.? All you need to do is to make a mental note of this.

The next step is action.? What is the best thing you can do to get back on track?? Maybe it?s setting yourself an appointment for class the next day or deciding to go?home to cook diner. ?

Don?t be hard on yourself but use getting off track as motivation to be more disciplined going forward.? Be so stubborn about reaching your goals that getting there is the only possible outcome.?

Coach J.J.?

Coach J.J.

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