Navigating The Holiday: Fitness Edition

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The holidays can be a hectic time.? There?s cooking, shopping, travel, and even bad winter weather.? This is the time of year that your routine can get rocked and everything you?ve worked for is in jeopardy.

First of all, if you workout regularly, you?re already further down the path than you were, which definitely helps during the holidays. ?

Taking a few day is off is fine (and sometimes much needed).? More than two weeks and you?ll begin loosing what you?ve gained.? Two months and you could be looking at significant losses?to your fitness, possibly back to square one depending on how long you?ve been training.?

The first thing to go is conditioning, or cardiovascular fitness.? After that, your strength will go on the decline, and you could lose lean muscle mass. Your mobility will also fade away will lack of movement.

Ok, enough of the bad stuff!

It?s the holidays.? You should enjoy yourself.? Appreciate the time with friends & family, the tasty food, and the down time from work. ?

However, no one likes starting a new year way behind.? You can have your holiday and keep up your fitness too!

Here are some tips for navigating the holidays for your fitness:

  • Change Your Routine If You Need To.??If you can’t workout at your normal time, try a time that works better during the season. (5:30am does exist!)?
  • Get After It the Day After.? After each holiday, make it a priority to get a really good workout in.? This will swing you right back into the right mindset and you?ll feel amazing after.
  • Improvise.? Traveling for the holidays?? Check out our travel workouts, grab a family member or friend, and get after it. ?
  • Get Out Of Breath.??Making sure you get your cardiovascular system working in overdrive a few times a week. This can save your conditioning.
  • Load It Up.? Using some weights even once or twice a week will help you maintain some strength and muscle mass, plus that holiday sweater will fit even better!
  • Something Is So Much Better Than Nothing.?Don?t let the feeling that ?I can?t train much this week turn into ?I?ll just take the week off?? You?ll feel so much better if you keep moving!

?Coach J.J.?

Coach J.J.

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