Cardio vs Metabolic Conditioning

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So, when is the last time you were out of breath? ?Was it during a workout?

?Cardio? is a term often used with talking about fitness or exercising.? It brings to mind images of running, cycling, and the elliptical.? However, it?s not a term heard in much in CrossFit. ?

Instead there are terms like ?Metcon?.? Metcon is an abbreviation of metabolic conditioning.? While it may seem like some fancy term for cardio, there?s a difference. ?

Cardio itself is an abbreviation for cardiorespiratory training. That means you’re?training your heart and lungs.? With CrossFit, we look at a much bigger picture.?

Metabolic conditioning is making how we store and use energy more efficient.? This means from all-out, max-effort bursts?to long, paced movements, we are training to be better across the board.?

We are able to achieve this by mixing up our exercises and the length of our workouts to ensure the body is constantly having to adapt to new challenges.? For example, one day the workout may only last 5 minutes while the next day?s workout last 25 minutes.? One day may use dumbbells and a jump rope and the next uses rowing and a medicine ball.?

Of course, aside from making you better able to use energy in different instances, a boosted metabolism means you?ll burn more fat, become more athletic, and be healthier.? Only nutrition ranks higher than metabolic conditioning on our scale of?how valuable it is to health and fitness!

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