Introducing Yoga

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Yoga at Torva

Add a little yin to your yang, a little jam to your almond butter, a little fruit to your protein shake?

Yoga Dog

CrossFit Torva has a yoga class!? The style of yoga we will be doing is referred to as Vinyasa which means we will be moving from pose to pose.? Poses are isometric with focus on core strength, flexibility and balance.? This will enable the participant to identify and rebuild imbalances in the body.

Come to the gym to get strong, stay for yoga to get flexible, stable and attain range of motion.? You may even be less stressed afterward.

Yoga Instructor:?

Heather Mincieli

CYT-200, Certified Yoga Teacher

Heather is the newest coach at Torva.? She comes to us after giving up the corporate world to be with her two girls.? She owns and operates Trinity Yoga in Carrollton.

Yoga Schedule at Torva:

Wednesday & Sunday at 6:30 P.M.