Avoid the Workout Plateau

J.J. Blog

It has to be more difficult for you to get better.

Have you fallen into a workout groove or a rut?? Do you do the same workouts each week?? Do you use the same weight or jog the same distance?

Perhaps at the beginning of this routine you saw some results but they have since slowed or even stopped.? Here?s why.? You?re body has already adapted to the workout.

When something is challenging, your body responds in order to meet the challenges and that?s where the results of working out come from.? However, once your body is no longer challenged, it will no longer adapt. This is often called a workout plateau.

In order do avoid this plateau, you must increase the difficulty of your workout over time.? This could mean varying the reps and sets, adding more weight, going longer distances, or keeping a faster pace.

In our CrossFit and ReBOOT program we constantly vary the workouts to avoid plateau.? With a different workout every day, our bodies never have the chance to adapt.

I have been doing CrossFit for over 6 years.? One question I get all the time from those starting out is ?when does it get easier??.? Well that?s the secret.? It never does.

If you find your workout is getting easy or you?re not getting the results you want, it?s time to change it up and get after it!

Coach J.J.